Winner says purchasing a green certificate itself is a winning act

Persistence paid off for Oman resident Abdul Hamid who won OMR 10,000 at the O! Millionaire special draw held recently.

Indian expat Abdul Hamid, who works as a salesman in Muscat, has been buying green certificates for the last two months to contribute to a great cause.

“I was never disappointed when I didn’t win because I strongly believed I was furthering a worthy green cause which will protect the environment and conserve Oman’s rich biodiversity”, he explains.

Abdul Hamid who hails from Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka was, of course, pleasantly surprised when he won.

“Like every week I was watching the draw when I found that my green certificate had won OMR 10,000. I called my friend Sikander to convey the good news,” he says.
He plans to use his winnings to pay for his family expenses and build his dream home.

“OMR 10,000 is huge money when converted to Indian currency,” he says.

He encourages everyone to buy the green certificate and remember that they are contributing to a good cause.

“I will continue to buy green certificates because even if my number doesn’t match, I would have contributed to a good cause, and if I win, I will get a huge amount. Either way you are winner,” he says.

A green certificate, which participants purchase to support O! Millionaire’s tree-planting programme that prize winner emirates forms the basis of Oasis Park, entitles them to an entry for a draw valued at over OMR 6,200,000. The certificate provides participants two chances to win – one through raffle that pays out one winner OMR 10,000 every week and another through a draw that can bring them prizes valued at more than OMR 6,200,000. The draw is held every Thursday at 8 pm and should no grand prize winner be selected in a draw; a sum of OMR 50,000 will be added to the prize sum every week.

O! Millionaire environmental initiative intends to create Middle East’s largest green park – the Oasis Park in the Ash-Sharqiyah region of Oman, the first man-made, artificial oasis on a planned total area of 1,200 square kilometers that will be created as a sustainable, self-contained ecosystem. The planned area will provide space for up to 60 million different trees, which will be planted over the next years and decades and thus contribute significantly to the goal of reducing global CO2 emissions.

In line with the key objectives of Oman Vision 2040, this initiative seeks to protect the environment and conserve Oman’s rich biodiversity. It also aims to contribute towards the country’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in alignment with the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Oasis Park is a bold endeavor to promote conservation, develop sustainability for the country, and support continued research and education. The goal is to take positive steps toward climate change mitigation, carbon sequestration, food security, water security, biodiversity conservation amongst others.

For more information on this initiative, please visit and purchase a green certificate worth OMR 2.5. This green certificate confirms their contribution to the Oasis Park project of O! Millionaire.