Golf Traps, Don’t Be Fooled – You Can’t Buy a Game to Play Better Golf

As much as I love them there are times when I think the world’s most gullible sportsman have to be golfers. I have simply lost count (years ago) of the number of times I have listened to a golfer explaining that their new found success is due to their new game improvement clubs, the two most common being the driver and the Putter.

I am not denying that in some cases the golfer really will play better golf but how come within a week or two they are back doing their old normal thing? How could they play better and then slowly slide back if the magical pieces of equipment such as their new game improvement irons are still in their possession?

The real truth, as painful as this สล็อต may be for the golf club manufacturers and Golf shops to admit to (and they probably won’t) is that the real reason golfers can enjoy a short respite and play better golf is because of a change in their mental state. They are unwittingly working one of the important Mental Game of Golf strategies. If the golfer feels confident with a new piece of equipment they will play with more confidence which will in turn bring better results, thus reinforcing the belief that new golf clubs can “Improve my golf game.”

Before anyone gets bent out of shape let me say that there is no substitution for decent golf clubs and if I see a golfer with poor equipment then I will be the first to point this out and that it may be costing them shots. The problem is the many golfers who have good kit and still try to buy a golf game.

It’s June 2009 and I saw Sergio Garcia at Wimbledon. He was there to watch his Spanish friend who was playing in the tennis championships. Sergio had just shot 66 with borrowed clubs that week so don’t go telling me it’s about equipment. Do you think the best putter at your club will beat you in a putting contest using your putter? Of course they will, although I hope you are the best putter at your club.

If buying golf equipment to improve worked then the average golfer would be far better than they are because equipment, both clubs and balls, have improved phenomenally in the last 30 years, but handicaps haven’t.

I wonder if golfers like buying new golf clubs as a means to improve because they are looking for quick and easy fixes? Think about it. We go to the range because we’ve been having a little trouble with the driver and decide to demo a couple clubs because that would be a really quick and easy fix wouldn’t it? The thought of hours on the practice range is enough to put many golfers off so I suppose all they have left is either trying to buy a game with new sticks or give up on their aspirations to improve.